Manufacturing process control is crucial for the quality of the end product. Therefore we govern the process according to IPC-A-610-E standard. We test the quality of assembled PCBs throughout the whole manufacturing process. We use the following test methods:

  • Automatical Optical Inspection (AOI)
    • 1x SAKI Bf-Comet-e
    • 2x SAKI Bf-Sirius
  • In-Circuit test
    • Reinhardt ATS-KMFT 470 with Type 147 Manual Test Fixture
    • Reinhardt ATS-KMFT 670M-5 with Type 42A-3 Manual Test Fixture
    • Type52L Manual Test Fixture for testing large size PCBs
  • Burn-in test – individual test equipments tailored to your needs
  • Functional test – individual test equipments tailored to your needs
  • Complete electrical test ( I2C, RS232, Bluetooth, programming etc. )
  • Mechanical test (push button, rocker switch, reed switch ( magnet moving ))
  • Vision test ( height of components)
  • Camera test (automatic display test, LED test, ( light colour and intensity ))
  • Buzzer test ( sound frequency and intensity ) etc.
  • High voltage test